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Fishing Trips

We offer Full- and Half-Day trips in the bay and surrounding areas for King and Silver Salmon. We will predominantly be mooching for salmon, but we troll as necessary to fill our limits. Early season King Salmon fishing is most productive when trolling, whereas the feisty Silvers are readily taken by mooching. Once chummed to the surface it is not uncommon for everyone to have one on at once. We can also combine a day of fishing for both salmon and halibut if you really want to fill the freezer.

Alaska boasts some of the best halibut fishing in the world. Trophy fish of over 100 lbs are not uncommon. Expectations of the daily average of 25-50 lb fish are more realistic, but true Hawgs of 250 + pounds are caught each year out of Seward. Similarly, multiple fish over 100 pounds are caught on single boats each season. Productive halibut fishing starts in May and continues through September. We usually anchor and fish bait for halibut, although some of the bigger fish are caught on jigs. The Halibut are initially attracted to the scent of the bait and come to the area to feed.

The volcanic history of the area has resulted in the creation of miles of jagged reefs and many underwater pinnacles. These areas are ideally suited for Lingcod and rockfish. We catch lingcod incidentally while fishing bait for halibut, however, jigging is the method of choice for these voracious predators. Many times we will witness these fish latching on to Black and Yellow-eye Rockfish as they are being reeled to the surface. These monsters will also try to devour their own kind while they are struggling with an angler. The season for allowing the retention of Lingcod starts July 1st outside Resurrection Bay. While one fish is allowed per angler per day, they are a great eating fish that rounds off a great day of combo fishing.

Yellow-eye and Black Rockfish as well as a smaller number of other assorted rockfish are abundant in our fishing area. It is not uncommon for large rockfish to be over 40 years old. The meat of the rockfish is white and firm and very tasty. We will target these fish by jigging with light tackle and the fish are also caught incidentally with bait while fishing for Halibut and Lingcod.

Salmon Sharks:
For the adventure of a lifetime, experience the adrenaline-filled rod-bending action of hunting Salmon Sharks. These predators are the largest and most fierce game fish in all Alaskan waters. These relatives of the Mako and Great White Sharks are as fun to battle, as they are good to eat. The biggest surprise awaiting the first-time Shark hunter is the acrobatic nature of the fight. These huge carnivores will clear the surface of the water, jumping and thrashing during the battle. These sharks commonly attain lengths of 8-10 feet and weights of 400-600 lbs.. Salmon Sharks will gather into large schools and follow and feed on the huge schools of Salmon that enter the North Gulf Coast waters each year to spawn. We take a maximum of 6 anglers on our Shark Hunts and we encourage catch and release. One shark can feed the family and friends of all those on board the boat. Look for our shark special with the Hawg Quest show found on Fox Sports Northwest.

Kenai River or Kasilof River King Salmon or Trout:
If you have a couple of days and want to fish the World-Famous Kenai River for large Rainbow Trout or Huge King Salmon, we offer combination trips that include a day on the ocean with us as well as a day on the River with Drift Alaska Charters. They will take you to the river directly from Seward for a Full or Half-day trip.

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